Sunday, June 23, 2013

How to Decorate a Very Small Entryway

How to Decorate a Very Small Entryway

An entryway foyer introduces visitors inside and helps them form an impression about you. Even if your entryway is very small, clever decorating tricks such as proper paint selection, furniture placement and dramatic lighting help create the illusion of space that make the tiniest spaces appear larger than they are. Create a warm, inviting entryway that reflects your decorating style and abilities and sets the tone for the rest of the interior decor. Does this Spark an idea?



    Paint the walls of the entryway a light, neutral shade to create the illusion of space. Stick to a monochromatic theme and paint the walls the same color, as opposed to painting one wall darker than the others. Avoid dark or warm shades that make the space look smaller and appear cramped. Paint the ceiling a lighter shade to draw the eye upward, adding height to the small entryway.


    Place low-profile furniture such a small narrow table or closed shelving unit against a wall for outerwear, keys, newspapers and other items. Alternatively, place a coat rack against the wall or mount a tall, narrow shelving unit in a corner to provide space for keys and daily items, or as a display shelf for collectibles.


    Display a striking piece of art on the adjoining wall to divert the attention away from the size of the entryway. For instance, an ornate clock or a framed portrait or painting adds color to the small entryway. Alternatively, mount a mirror or a series of vertical mirror panels to make the space appear bigger.


    Push a narrow ledge against a wall, or a chair if space is limited, to providing seating in the entryway. Place a floor lamp next to the seating arrangement to create a corner reading nook, or a small table with a lamp on it if you have space. The lamp throws light upward, creating an illusion of height and space.


    Illuminate the small entryway to provide safe entry and exit at night. Mount a row of small wall scones along the walls with attached dimmers, or place one on each side of the artwork to highlight and accent it.


    Spread a narrow runner on the floor to add length to the space and protect a wooden or tiled floor or conceal an unsightly concrete floor. Position a small potted plant in a corner of the entryway, or on a table, to add natural color to the space.


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